Let's Create Mental Wealth for Founders!

Coming Soon: Call for Participants for the 2024 Founder Mental Wealth Research Study

This research study and report are by and for underestimated founders in the EU, Nordics, UK, and US.

This study is led by Anthony Ware, Founder & Principal at AWare Catalysts.

More details below.

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    Why now?

    • We're in a pandemic and preparing for life in a post-pandemic world.
    • Mental health challenges are at historic levels - burnout, loneliness, and much more.
    • Many research studies are centered on white men.
    • The first FMW study in 2019 focused on self-care practices.
    • The 2024 FMW study is a deeper look into the mental health challenges and successes of underestimated founders.


    • Founder - A person who creates a product, service, or both for purchase by another person, business, or government.
    • Underestimated - Global Majority: people who've been minoritized and systemically excluded including Black, Latinx, People of Color, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, & Women.

    What's Next?

    • Download the 2019 Founder Mental Wealth Report.
    • More updates on the way starting by Q4 2024.
    • Results from the research study will help create new positive outcomes and systemic shifts for the mental health and wealth of underestimated founders.